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What They Say 

“As a board member, you showed the board how to focus on issues, get to the point and do what’s right. I counted on you more then you will ever know for clarity of decisions and a reality check of the environment around me and how to lead through it." 

CEO public $200MM

market cap  automation


CEO global chemical
“Benjy has a great capability to drill into the real drivers of sustainable advantage, and he greatly helped our team to elevate the true priorities.  He was able to draw the best out of each person and the group as a whole.  I would highly recommend Benjy to any company that is looking to sharpen their focus on the drivers of real strategic growth.”
Former McKinsey &
Company Partner

“Benjy Burditt combines a unique talent of corporate strategic thinking, problem solving, and organizational intelligence with an absolute relentless pursuit of getting things done. I would want him as a team leader for the most difficult and impossible challenges a corporation can face.” 

Vice President leading Ivy League university 
“We were new territory for Benjy, but he figured us out very quickly, developed real insight into our challenges and opportunities, was highly collaborative in developing a plan and a strategy, and was then very helpful as we carried it out and continued to refine it. We learned a lot working with him, and enjoyed getting to know him.”
CEO global media and licensing company 

“Benjy is a highly gifted consultant who is extraordinarily effective at addressing strategic, operational and financial issues.  He has an uncanny ability to inspire executive teams to both brainstorm and formulate actionable solutions to seemingly intractable challenges. He is one of the most talented individuals that I have ever had the opportunity to work with.” 

Former CEO successful venture funded enterprise

“While at Scripps Ventures Benjy funded my first start up company. Benjy and Scripps were the best thing that could happen to an entrepreneur. They not only brought cash, but real insight to the business. Most importantly, Benjy’s insights have been an important part of my personal development as an entrepreneur.”.

CEO global financial 
media company
“Benjy fit right in with the senior management team after a very quick ramp-up, and we were all very impressed by his enthusiasm, energy and creativity.  Benjy brings an ownership mentality to everything he does, and he challenges people to think outside their comfort zones.  He became a true business partner for us and I would hire him again in a heartbeat for any type of strategy or management consulting.” 
Former McKinsey &
Company Partner
“Benjy has an astonishingly high incidence rate of predicting accurately what is on the CEO's mind, especially with the respect to organizational leadership issues. He is a very effective counselor and advisor on how to deal one-on-one with CEO's in difficult situations.”

CEO $200MM market cap

closely held publicly

traded company

“In working one–on-one with me, Benjy stands out among our directors for his ability to provide practical solutions to a wide variety of issues, on a real time basis.  In the nine years that he’s been on our board, he’s raised the level of strategic discussions at our board meetings by asking direct questions and making constructive recommendations.  We could not have made a better choice in a new director.” 

Philadelphia based not-for-profit with national footprint 

Philadelphia based not-for-profit with national footprint 

"Benjy was beyond professional! Within minutes during our initial conference call, I knew he was the person to lead our strategic planning process. He was very organized, clear about goals and objectives and able to gather our committee around a high-level action plan to work on over the summer months. Everyone, and I mean everyone, he came into contact with during the stakeholders interviews spoke very highly of him, his demeanor and professionalism. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner."

NJ Based Not-for-Profit  

NJ Based Not-for-Profit  

"Benjy was very thoughtful, articulate and full of good ideas about board formation/governance. He really helped us put our disparate thoughts and needs together into a coherent plan of attack. 

Atlanta Based Not-for-Profit  

"Benjy provided very helpful advice on how to better structure my role as the Executive Director. The information Benjy shared was exactly what I needed to hear to focus my efforts and prioritize my activities. Thank you, Benjy!

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